Shmoop Review

An Overview of

shmoop com is primarily a study guide which offers everything from poetry, civics and literature, among others. Founded in 2009 by David Siminoff and his wife Ellen, their love for kids made them develop a helpful tool for them to enjoy the learning process. You can tell from the website; they use a friendly tone with a youthful touch. It is colorful with playful fonts. They also offer career guidance services so that students can discover their dreams in time to pursue them. Their vision is to become an all textbook site for high schools in the U.S.

Services Offered at

This is a one-stop shop for both the teachers and students. Once you visit the website, you can’t help but notice a variety of services offered. If you’re not searching for a specific feature, it will be hard to determine what the website is all about from the first glance.

This shmoop review gathered the following list of services at shmoop com:

  • Test prep guides
  • Online courses
  • Teaching guides
  • Elective courses
  • AP courses

All these and more guides are offered from grade 1 in elementary school all through to college. It is important to note that has both free and premium services, with the rates for the paid services being pocket-friendly. They also offer a free trial before joining Not all services that they provide receive the same amount of attention.

Some of their popular guides are:

  • Shakespeare Translator
  • Literature Guides
  • Famous Quotes
  • Bible Guides
  • English Guides
  • Historical Text Guides

How Can Help Me Prepare for Exams?

Preparation is the secret to success. Many students are never sure of the proper way to get ready for their tests. This is among the leading reasons as to why many students visit shmoop com. It is famously known for its Test Prep service which has 4 major categories:

Shmoop’s PSAT Stats – Plenty of drills and practice questions, 4 Full-length practice exams, a scoop of the National Merit Scholarship, etc.

Shmoop’s ACT Stats – Two diagnostic tests to asses to a student’s weaknesses and strengths, 7 Full-length practice exams, Over 1000 practice quizzes, etc.

Shmoop’s SAT Stats – More than 1000 drill questions, 5 Full-length practice questions, Math Shack, etc.

Test Prep Videos – Thousands of videos customized for an ACT, PSAT, and SAT, Sample quizzes with answers, Concept review for every topic, e.t.c.

How Can I Register at

As pointed out earlier, shmoop com is keen on children. It is a critical policy for them if you’re a student to register with your parent/guardian consent. This helps guardians in knowing what their children are up to. Once a parent is aware of their child signing up, they can supervise the sessions to ensure that the children do not abuse the site but only use it as a guide. In other cases, educators can give consent for the children since it is allowed by COPPA. Nevertheless, it is still crucial for the educators to notify the guardians about this.

Shmoop com Privacy Policy

To use some parts of, you will be required to register. They will collect details such as your name, email, and gender. This could make you ask “is shmoop legit?” “Is it confidential?” Fear not, the site is legit as it has been in the industry for more than 8 years. A lot of high schools religiously use it as a guide. abides the law by keeping your details private unless you give them consent to use it otherwise.

Level of Customer Support of

You can reach their support team via email, post mail or their online form and social media platforms. On the website, they have not indicated after how long you will be expected to receive a reply or if they are available on the weekends. In case a client has an emergency, we feel like such details are essential.


The problem with is that the site is not capable of handling all the features that they offer. Some of the courses offered are more extensive than others. The tone of voice used may be too juvenile for an academic website. The use of acronyms such as atm, fwiw and tldr should be discouraged from the site. On the academic front, shmoop com has the potential to be supplemented as a classroom instructor minus the pointers mentioned. It plays a significant role to help students tie historical events and link them to this era. Educators do not have to use the old “boring” system to put their points across. If used keenly, it can polish up on your academic mishaps.