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About Prepscholar com – Review

It is an online tutoring service that seeks to train students in SAT and other examinations at an affordable cost. They learn a student’s weaknesses, and strengths then come up with a program that can suit them. First, they analyze your reading capabilities, and when they find the areas that are hard for you, they concentrate on that. As you continue to improve, they switch to more difficult question till they are satisfied that you’re good to go. They incorporate videos into their lessons to show you the strategies and content that you need to apply to excel in your test. They also advise you on what to study each step of the way. At prepscholar com, they allow you to pick what you want to learn. If you were set to train on reading, but you feel like practising mathematics, they change the lesson for you.

Another positive on this prepscholar review is that they motivate their clients. It sounds like something that every service provider should do, but they go out of their way. They email both the parents and students informing them of the progress so far. Although it is their job to train you, it is a student’s prerogative to put an effort. They keep a chart that shows how a student is progressing so far. It is a good motivator since if one is doing well, they want to accomplish more and if they see that they are slacking off, they up their game.

How prepscholar com Works

Another good thing about prepscholar com is that you can start immediately you sign up. Their website is simple to navigate through, and you can follow their step by step guide if you encounter a problem. Once you open their site, you meet a colorful homepage. All the main icons have been labeled well and have been placed strategically so that a visitor will not miss them.

There are 5 main areas that you will see highlighted in different colors:

  • GRE Prep
  • SAT Prep
  • GMAT Prep
  • TOEFL Prep
  • ACT Prep

If you’ve been asking yourself “is prepscholar legit?” You need to visit their homepage; they have named all the major news companies that have been writing about them such as the wall street journal. Many prepscholar reviews have taken this alone as proof of the site’s credibility.

Pricing at

prepscholar pricing

Prepscholar offers 3 main packages for their clients to choose from:

1. Complete SAT Online Prep. They charge $397 for it. It comes with a one year access to their entire program. Hundreds of questions, official practice tests from the SATs, and dozens of lessons. It covers essay writing, reading and math lessons. The quiz customization is to your needs, and the answers have detailed explanations.

2. Prep Scholar Classes. It has a price tag of $895. It offers everything included in package one plus 18 hours of personalized classes. You attend a class that has been tailored to your level together with other students like you. You also get to choose which area you want to concentrate on each week with expert teachers.

3. Complete Tutoring. It is the costly one as it goes for $995. It contains everything in package one and two, but you get your own teacher. It is to help you concentrate mostly on the areas that you struggle with as you get personalized tutoring on the tough topics.

Compared to other online tutoring services, prepscholar com is costly. Other blended packages start from $23 an hour. The pricing might chase away potential clients who have the zeal to learn but cannot afford the charges of the online program.

Quality of Service at prepscholar com

Prepscholar com handpicks its staff and tutors from the best colleges in the United States. There aren’t many former clients who have posted about their experience with the site. However, before you register with them, you can fill in a form that they provide and raise any questions you may have. They will call you back and address any issue that you raise. They indicate on their website that they are working with many schools and private academies. They train hundreds of their students to prepare for the SATs. They have also given the names of a couple of schools that they work with boosting their credibility. If a school can put the future of its students on this online service provider, then it must be doing something right!

Conclusion about prepscholar com

The effectiveness of the website is on point as everything that they have uploaded works. The content contained on the site is resourceful to a student who logs into the website looking for assistance. Apart from the pricey packages they offer, this prepscholar review finds their services satisfactory and recommends their services to all who can afford it. Their homepage is simple and easy to understand. They offer 24 hours support which assures any prospective client or student who requires assistance that they will get it.