Gradesaver Review Site Display and Navigation

Once you log on to the site, you see a homepage that’s well structured. The content contained on the website is relevant to their cause. Any visitor will easily navigate through the site and get the information that they require. According to this gradesaver review, the fact that there are numerous free samples and essays on offer gives the site a plus.


Founded in 1999, is the brainchild of two college housemates. They were helping each other with their class essays, and they realized that this could be a problem that many college students face. Having someone read your article, give suggestions about it and revise it for you is the market that they picked. The site received numerous submissions in its first months. The founders noticed that students lacked quality literature materials to reference while doing their essays. As a result, gradesaver began writing classic literature study guides and posted them for free. They then switched to Classic notes, and this saw their subscribers increase rapidly.

Their unique feature is that all the resource material that they publish is written strictly by Harvard students. Gradually, has risen to boast of having one of the most extensive academic resources online.

Services at offers a wide range of services from editing your essay to revising it. They also provide lesson plans that cover:

  • Novels
  • Poems
  • Plays
  • Films

A lesson plan contains instructional material to last a student several days, teaching guide, reading assignments, quizzes, discussion questions and classroom activities. They also offer essay editing services. Their Harvard educated staff help in editing your essay to be one of the professional standards. An editor is assigned to you and will help you in every step of your piece. They work hand in hand with you to avoid instances of you writing more than one draft and multiple revisions of your essay. They help to keep you on topic, restructure your article where necessary and improve your grammar and style.

There are four types of editing services offered by

Proofreading. The editor corrects your punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors.

Standard Harvard Editing. They edit your entire essay correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes. They structure it in an organized way to suit your tutor’s expectations.

Deluxe Harvard Editing. It has all the benefits of the first but adds multiple re-edits. You also get an editor to guide you from start to finish.

Grading. An editor will give you a score for your paper. They also offer you tips on improvement and guidance to keep you on the right track.

They also offer literature essays, college application essays, and textbook answers. They’ve diversified their services, giving some for free and charging for others. It is a smart move as some clients will come looking for free literature samples and end up using their editing services afterward.

Pricing at gradesaver com

They offer two types of membership, monthly and annual. If you prefer to pay each month, it will cost you $19.95 and yearly is $99.95. It gives you unrestricted access to their entire database which includes student literature papers, quiz questions, their lesson plans and college application essays. If you do not want to be a member, however, you can access their various editing services, and they vary in cost:

  1. School paper and editing essay will cost you $9.99.
  2. College paper application essay starts from $34.99.
  3. Thesis editing starts at $9.99.
  4. Cover letter editing is $34.99.
  5. Scholarship essay editing starts from $34.99

Their pricing is competitive and is in the range of other online editing services. It allows anyone regardless of their financial ability to be able to afford their services.

Quality of Service at

Their staff is all Harvard educated. It should by usual standards guarantee exceptional work from them. Majority of their customers give glowing reviews about the quality of their work. Their customer service is also helpful, and they offer assistance all through. Other gradesaver reviews have rated it generously. It is safe to say that their services are above average.


Is gradesaver legit? We’ve gone through gradesaver com, and we can recommend it to anyone who wishes to have their essay analyzed to give it a professional feel. It is important to note that do not write essays for people. They only review an essay that’s ready and polish it for their clients. Their discounts, free samples and tons of free study guides are what makes the site stand out from the rest. Overall, they have a user-friendly site, and any visitor is assured to get what they were seeking.

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